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The Letter A


Jackson loves crafts, books and reading, but isn’t that fond of individual letters.  It has always been our challenge.  Jackson can make Frank Lloyd Wright houses out of Legos, but throw some letters out there, and he’ll throw them back at you.  I suspect he already knows quite a few, but won’t admit it.  So, I thought we would take a stab at the No Time For Flashcards series that I have seen on just about every social networking site.  I told Jackson we were going to make an alligator and that his name was going to be “A”.  Jackson was ecstatic.  Here goes!

We’ve got our supplies – construction paper, glue, scissors, googly eyes, and crayons.


I drew the letter A on a piece of green construction paper with two triangles at the top.


I asked Jackson to color in the letter A.


My little man doing his best to stay in the lines.


Working it!


And so serious too!


I cut teeth for the alligator from white construction paper while Jackson was coloring.


I cut out the letter A for Jackson and had him glue it to the yellow piece of paper. Look at the face.


Jackson is gluing on the googly eyes.


And now the teeth.


Meet “A” the alligator!


Although Jackson had a ton of fun working on this craft, when we were finished and he saw the end result, he was NOT happy.  Jackson freaked himself out with the picture of the alligator he made.  It scared him, so he says, and insisted we throw the picture away.  Well, that’s not happening.  I’ll tape it to the ceiling above his bed if I have to!  Jackson has pranced around the house all morning saying how he does not like “A”.  Maybe he’ll remember that letter now.



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Posted by Carrie Cellon on June 17, 2012
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